What's included in your 12 week plan

  • 1

    Your Fertility Coaching Plan

    • Meet Nicola, our fertility coach and discover why your fertility mindset matters

    • Your fertility self care strategy

    • Regain control and find the joy in life again - how to create your success steps

    • Fertility Success Steps - how are you doing?

    • Strategies to handle your emotions around fertility struggles

    • Fertility related stress and what it maybe trying to tell you

    • Identifying and managing Emotional blocks around your fertility

    • Overthinking & worrying - how to deal with it

    • Worry Time Challenge

    • Journalling Challenge

  • 2

    Guided Relaxation Audio's

    • Hillside Healing - a powerful relaxation that support's you to remember how strong you are, shift any difficult feelings and bring peace into your life that you can carry with you.

    • Womb Healing - an amazing guided relaxation that help's you to reconnect with yourself and release any unhelpful thoughts. It ends with a beautiful grounding practice which will support you in being present.

  • 3

    IVF and other fertility treatments

    • Your quick guide to fertility treatment, IUI, IVF & ICSI

    • Your checklist for choosing a fertility clinic

    • Questions to ask your fertility consultant or nurses about your IVF treatment

    • Surviving the two week wait - a guide by Nicola Headley, fertility coach