What's included in your Fertility Coaching plan

    1. Meet Nicola, our fertility coach and discover why your fertility mindset matters

    2. Your fertility self care strategy

    3. Regain control and find the joy in life again - how to create your success steps

    4. Fertility Success Steps - how are you doing?

    5. Strategies to handle your emotions around fertility struggles

    6. Fertility related stress and what it maybe trying to tell you

    7. Identifying and managing Emotional blocks around your fertility

    8. Overthinking & worrying - how to deal with it

    9. Worry Time Challenge

    10. Journalling Challenge

    1. Hillside Healing - a powerful relaxation that support's you to remember how strong you are, shift any difficult feelings and bring peace into your life that you can carry with you.

    2. Womb Healing - an amazing guided relaxation that help's you to reconnect with yourself and release any unhelpful thoughts. It ends with a beautiful grounding practice which will support you in being present.

    1. Your quick guide to fertility treatment, IUI, IVF & ICSI

    2. Your checklist for choosing a fertility clinic

    3. Questions to ask your fertility consultant or nurses about your IVF treatment

    4. Surviving the two week wait - a guide by Nicola Headley, fertility coach

Fertility Coaching with Nicola Headley

  • £120.00
  • 16 lessons