What's included in your 12 week plan

  • 1

    Fertility Yoga classes

    • An Introduction to Restorative Yoga

    • Yoga to match your cycle - after your period and until ovulation

    • Yoga to match your cycle - after ovulation until your period or post IVF embryo transfer

    • Yoga to suit your cycle - During your period

    • Poses to enhance your fertility - short sequence

    • Yoga specifically for post IVF transfer

    • Longer flow class

    • Yoga to aid digestion & liver function

    • Yin Yoga for IVF preparation and stress reduction

  • 2

    Guided Relaxation Audio's

    • Heart womb connection breathing exercise - 5 minutes

    • 'Hummingbee' breath for anxiety, insomnia and lowering blood pressure

    • Heart & Womb connection breathing exercise - 5 minutes

    • 5 minute breathing practice to balance body & mind - perfect for first thing in the morning or before bed.

    • Golden Thread Breath - ideal for stress reduction or pain relief

    • 15 minute fertility affirmations and visualisation sequence

  • 3

    Lifestyle advice for fertility

    • Sleep - Why good sleep patterns are essential for optimal fertility

    • Strategies and ideas to encourage good sleep routines

    • How does exercise help support my fertility?

    • Proven techniques for managing stress