What's included in your 12 week plan

  • 1

    Welcome to The Fertility Method

    • Welcome to The Fertility method

  • 2

    Your Fertility Coaching Plan

    • Meet Nicola, our fertility coach and discover why your fertility mindset matters

    • Your fertility self care strategy

    • Regain control and find the joy in life again - how to create your success steps

    • Fertility Success Steps - how are you doing?

    • Strategies to handle your emotions around fertility struggles

    • Fertility related stress and what it maybe trying to tell you

    • Identifying and managing Emotional blocks around your fertility

    • Overthinking & worrying - how to deal with it

    • Worry Time Challenge

    • Journalling Challenge

  • 3

    Your Fertility Nutrition Plan

    • Why is good nutrition so important for fertility?

    • Your fertility shopping list

    • Your fertility menu planner

    • Fertility recipes - pack 1

    • Fertility recipes - pack 2

    • The Nutrition Plan - getting started

    • The journey of your egg and why egg quality is important for fertility

    • Essential Vitamins & Minerals for fertility

    • Antioxidants - what are they and why?

    • Our challenge for you - eat 50 different foods in a week

    • Environmental toxins and their link to fertility

    • Emotional eating - why we do it and how to manage it

    • How to reduce your alcohol consumption

    • Cutting back on stimulants

    • How to support your digestive system & liver for fertility

    • Nutrition for Thyroid health

    • Nutrition for uterine fibroids

    • Nutrition for Endometriosis

    • Nutrition for PCOS

    • Your supplements for fertility guide

    • Key fertility foods

    • Maintaining good nutritional habits in the long term

  • 4

    Fertility Yoga classes

    • An introduction to Fertility Yoga

    • Yoga to match your cycle - after your period and up until ovulation

    • Yoga to match your cycle - after ovulation until your period or post IVF embryo transfer

    • Yoga to match your cycle - during your period

    • Post IVF embryo transfer gentle flow

    • IVF preparation class - Yin Yoga for stress reduction

    • Long flow - Hip and pelvis release class

    • Short flow - poses to enhance your fertility

    • A short relaxation sequence

  • 5

    Women's Health Pilates classes

    • An introduction to pilates for Women's health

    • An introduction to pilates for Women's Health - Part Two

    • Hormone Balancing Flow class

    • Restorative stretching & tension release class

    • Masterclass - Posture and Pelvic function for fertility

    • Restorative Tension Release Stretching class

    • Barre Class - a blend of pilates and ballet

    • Power Pilates - For a more challenging work out

  • 6

    Guided Relaxation Audio's

    • Heart womb connection breathing exercise - 5 minutes

    • 'Hummingbee' breath for anxiety, insomnia and lowering blood pressure

    • Heart & Womb connection breathing exercise - 5 minutes

    • 5 minute breathing practice to balance body & mind - perfect for first thing in the morning or before bed.

    • Golden Thread Breath - ideal for stress reduction or pain relief

    • 15 minute fertility affirmations and visualisation sequence

  • 7

    IVF and other fertility treatments

    • Your quick guide to fertility treatment, IUI, IVF & ICSI

    • Your checklist for choosing a fertility clinic

    • Questions to ask your fertility consultant or nurses about your IVF treatment

    • Surviving the two week wait - a guide by Nicola Headley, fertility coach

  • 8

    Fertility tests and diagnostics

    • Female hormone testing and why it's important

    • Your fertility test checklist - what should be tested, when and why

    • The fertility pinch points - where might your pinch point be?

    • Female fertility tests explained - an in depth guide to help you take back control of your fertility

    • Common investigative and surgical procedures

    • Is your Thyroid function impacting your fertility?

    • Unexplained infertility, Recurrent miscarriage & unsuccessful IVF - where to turn next

    • Reproductive Immunology - a checklist for when you should consider testing

    • Male Factor Fertility - Is hidden sperm damage affecting your fertility

  • 9

    Lifestyle advice for fertility

    • Sleep - Why good sleep patterns are essential for optimal fertility

    • Strategies and ideas to encourage good sleep routines

    • How does exercise help support my fertility?

    • Proven techniques for managing stress