What's included in your 12 week plan

    1. Welcome to The Fertility method

    1. Meet Nicola, our fertility coach and discover why your fertility mindset matters

    2. Your fertility self care strategy

    3. Regain control and find the joy in life again - how to create your success steps

    4. Fertility Success Steps - how are you doing?

    5. Strategies to handle your emotions around fertility struggles

    6. Fertility related stress and what it maybe trying to tell you

    7. Identifying and managing Emotional blocks around your fertility

    8. Overthinking & worrying - how to deal with it

    9. Worry Time Challenge

    10. Journalling Challenge

    1. Why is good nutrition so important for fertility?

    2. Your fertility shopping list

    3. Your fertility menu planner

    4. Fertility recipes - pack 1

    5. Fertility recipes - pack 2

    6. The Nutrition Plan - getting started

    7. The journey of your egg and why egg quality is important for fertility

    8. Essential Vitamins & Minerals for fertility

    9. Antioxidants - what are they and why?

    10. Our challenge for you - eat 50 different foods in a week

    11. Environmental toxins and their link to fertility

    12. Emotional eating - why we do it and how to manage it

    13. How to reduce your alcohol consumption

    14. Cutting back on stimulants

    15. How to support your digestive system & liver for fertility

    16. Nutrition for Thyroid health

    17. Nutrition for uterine fibroids

    18. Nutrition for Endometriosis

    19. Nutrition for PCOS

    20. Your supplements for fertility guide

    21. Key fertility foods

    22. Maintaining good nutritional habits in the long term

    1. An Introduction to Fertility Yoga

    2. Yoga to match your cycle - After your period and until ovulation

    3. Yoga to match your cycle - During your period

    4. Yoga to match your cycle - after ovulation and up until your period

    5. Yoga to match your cycle - during the two week wait, post IVF transfer and early pregnancy

    6. An IVF preparation class

    7. Short sequence of poses to enhance your fertility

    8. Long Flow Class - focusing on hip release techniques

    9. A short sequence for relaxation (10 mins)

    10. Yoga & deep relaxation for immediately after embryo transfer (can also be a great deep relaxation class)

    1. An Introduction to Fertility Pilates (part one)

    2. An Introduction to Fertility Pilates (part two)

    3. Pilates for hormone health

    4. Masterclass - Posture & Pelvic Function for Fertility

    5. Stretching to release body tension

    6. Barre Class

    7. Power Pilates

    8. Mind & Body Connection flow

    9. Pelvic Floor function & fertility

    10. Posture Alignment Class - Great if you are hunched over a desk a lot

    1. Heart womb connection breathing exercise - 5 minutes

    2. 'Hummingbee' breath for anxiety, insomnia and lowering blood pressure

    3. 15 minute fertility affirmations and visualisation sequence

    4. Heart & Womb connection breathing exercise - 5 minutes

    5. 5 minute breathing practice to balance body & mind - perfect for first thing in the morning or before bed.

    6. Golden Thread Breath - ideal for stress reduction or pain relief

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